Want to get to know us...

Indie Rose is the brain child of Charlotte.

Charlotte has always been a bit of a hippy at heart and is very conscious of the environment.... Seriously she spends more time out in the garden or with the animals then with other people (it's a little concerning)

Charlotte realized early on that this was a bigger venture then she could achieve alone and quickly enlisted the assistance of Angela who is the resident graphic designer and idea bouncer (and vegan but we won't hold that against her).  

With the move into a physical store we needed more hands to get the jobs done in came Pru and Lucinda personally picked with bright smiles and helpful can do attitudes. They are in the store When Charlotte and Angela can't be and have acess to the same super useful information to help you throughout every stage of the shopping experience.

 Sometimes things get a bit more then the girls can handle still though and this is where Scott and Connor step in they are courier assistants when there are more packages to package then we have hands they help out.

Scott is an early riser and is responsible for getting your packages out on the first courier of the morning.... I mean he is up super early not even the dog will get up with him it's that early.

Connor is the youngest of our team (nothing like a bit of slave labor.... seriously he gets paid in bath bombs and love) he has an integral part of making sure you get your products his role tend to be sticking the labels on the parcels he also runs quality control and likes to know all the ins and outs of any new products.

We all have a passion for supplying you with the best quality fun sustainable living products in saying that we don't tend to take life to seriously and are firm believers that if you aren't having fun you really aren't living.

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Mon - Sat, 9am - 4pm

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