Moon Turtle - Mood Journal
Moon Turtle - Mood Journal
Moon Turtle - Mood Journal
Moon Turtle - Mood Journal
Moon Turtle - Mood Journal

Moon Turtle - Mood Journal

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Moon Turtle is doing an extended run of 'What Did I Even Do This Year?' Journals!

The journal has twenty-one double page spreads – one per day for three weeks – the left-hand side to be filled out in the morning, and the right to be filled out in the evening. The guided journaling is designed to take less than five minutes, but still taking note of telling signs in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. By identifying patterns that appear over the course of the twenty-one days and familiarising yourself with them, you're put in a position to be more conscious of how each of these factors interact and lead to better or worse days.

This kind of journaling is particularly helpful for those who are seeing a therapist/counsellor/psychologist as the consistent documenting builds up a more accurate picture of the time between appointments. It's easy for your perception of that time to be skewed by how you're feeling on the day.


What even is a Moon Turtle?

You're not the first to ask – I was sitting in a noisy bar when I told a pal I was designing a mood journal. Over the noise, with a bamboozled look on his face, he exclaimed, 'What the f*** is a moon turtle?'

Moon Turtle! I decided right then and there that I liked 'Moon Turtle' far better than the boring name I originally had in mind.



How big is a Moon Turtle?
They are A5 – 148 x 210mm.

How many pages does a Moon Turtle have?
A Moon Turtle has twenty-one double-page spreads (for tracking twenty-one days once in the morning and once at night), plus two pages of instructions, four blank pages for notes, and a helpful phone numbers and websites page at the back. So 52 pages total.

What are Moon Turtles made of?
The cover is Kraft card, the inside pages are a tasty 120gsm uncoated stock.

Where are Moon Turtles made?
In New Zealand's capital city of Wellington

Where do you ship to?

Who DID this?
Moon Turtle: A Mood Journal is a project for talking about mental health, and helping you help yourself and others by Anna Birchall and Imogen Holmstead-Scott.

What do you feed a Moon Turtle?
Good one, Dad.