Whale shopping tote - Project Jonah charity bag
Whale shopping tote - Project Jonah charity bag

Whale shopping tote - Project Jonah charity bag

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** Cotton Canvas **

$2 of every bag go to Project Jonah

Why not reduce your impact on our fragile enviroment by minimising your non-biodegradable waste?

 These thick, durable, canvas shopping bags are screen printed and are made from sustainably produced, unbleached cotton - 100% biodegradable. The picture does not do these beautiful, top quality bags justice!

They make an ideal gift;  lightweight for easy postage to family and friends.

Size: 28.26cm x 39.37cm
Handle: 55.88cm
Care: Gentle machine wash and line

These super cute whales are screen printed onto this luxurious cotton canvas tote and has a handy internal pocket for your keys or phone so you don't have to go digging for them after a long day shopping.
Each bag measures 37cm wide and 41cm tall with an interior pocket and tie closure.

We are really passionate about helping our environment and have committed $2 from the sale of any of these bags to go directly to the Jonah foundation which do amazing things helping our sea life.

About project jonah

Project Jonah is a registered charity. We exist for one simple reason – marine mammals desperately need our help. Our vision is to create a world where these animals are respected and protected. And to achieve this we need your support.

Our strength comes from our volunteers; everyday Kiwis that give up their time to help marine mammals through our rescue, action and protection programs. Whether they’re picking up litter on beaches or getting hands on in rescuing stranded whales, they’re out there helping. Whatever the weather.

We’re a New Zealand organisation, with a distinct flavour and feel. We pride ourselves on being passionate, honest, open and down to earth – things that Kiwis are well known for, both here and overseas.

As a voluntary organisation we need to do a lot with a little. With our distant location we’ve had to develop unique and better ways of getting things done. We've pioneered whale rescue techniques, and have shared this technology and expertise with the rest of the world. Much of our work comes from a practical ‘let’s just do it’ approach.

At the heart of Project Jonah is a passionate belief that caring about marine mammals is simply the right thing to do. We care about the welfare of these animals; their suffering and their needs. And though we make decisions using our heads, we do what we do because our hearts are connected with this absolutely vital work.

We believe that both animals and people matter. Whilst the animals are central to what we do, it’s people that make our work possible. New Zealand can lead the world in marine mammal welfare and protection. Your help puts us closer to that goal.